Domestic violence bail bond is a bit different from other types of bonds. In some countries where domestic violence is considered a serious offense, the bail price is higher than that of other alike crimes where family members are not involved.

It can be difficult to secure the bond, depending on the circumstances on the ground. One can also have the bond reduced especially if they have waited in jail, to be arraigned in court. Generally, there are a number of technicalities surrounding the bond price that domestic violence attracts. All which will need to be looked into here.

Very many charges are included in the category of domestic violence, which when charged with could attract hefty bonds. They could go as
high as $50000, depending on the degree of inflicted damage, and what the law says about that. Child abuse, child endangerment, striking a cohabitant or spouse in a violent way and domestic battery are considered as domestic violence.

Domestic violence cases are filed as misdemeanor cases, which attract a bail of around $500. This is the most basic bond surrounding these kinds of cases. However, what most people are not aware of is that other costs are eventually drawn into the picture.

In the event that the victim goes through a traumatic experience as a result of the violence inflicted, the bail bond shoots to $50000. If extreme bodily injury is involved, an addition of the similar amount is charged. If any kind of restraining order has been violated, an additional $40000, $10000 or $20000 is charged, though this amount may differ in different countries, according to the laws in place.

After an arrest is made, the accused can choose between waiting for arraignment in court and hope to be released on the ground of personal recognizance’, or pay the bail bond. Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee that one will be released on personal recognizance’. In the event that this happens, your attorney can negotiate so that the bail bond is reduced. Mostly, the arraignment takes place within a span of three days, excluding weekends or holidays, after which the judge may impose conditions such as no contact’. This is in as much as you have paid the bail bond.

Clearly, domestic violence bail bond does not come easy, regardless of the dimension you are looking at it from. As much as a good lawyer is needed, the bail bond is also higher compared to that of other crimes. Domestic violence crime is expensive.

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